Dacy Media Partner

Media Partners

If you are interested in selling one of our services to your own clients as part of one of your packages, becoming a Dacy Media partner could be the right solution for you.

The media is produced with your business’s name on it.  From your client’s point of view, you are providing the service.


Web Design Company – Use our video production and/or photography services to create media for your client’s websites.

Mortuary – Use our services to create a slideshow or biographical video of a loved one or if a family asks for photography or video coverage of a service.

Service Company – Use us to meet with your clients after your service to produce testimonial videos that can be shared on your website or through social media.

Get Started

We have many media partners that currently work with us.   It’s a great option if your clients could benefit from video production and/or photography services.  To get started, contact us and we’ll set up an appointment to meet and discuss your needs.

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